Worship Songs and Hymns: For the Modern Christian Church

His songbook was written to describe God’s authority, power, glory, mercy and love to the world. His songs were written to express and to describe God’s life changing promises of an eternal life through Jesus Christ.

His songs were written as examples of the life of faith, a believer should live and follow. He hopes that the reader may capture the overall spiritual message and instructions God has expressed already, for the rest of the world through His word. He hopes that the general reader, if they have not yetdone so, may find the pathway of a renewed life through Jesus Christ. He hopes the song messages in the hymnal may convey, in a personal level, the message of a renewed heart and mind and changed life through Jesus. He hopes that the songs may convey the reality of a living God, of a living Christ and a living Spirit of God. Finally, that the word of God can be shared and expressed freely in the manifestation of songs, poems, hymns, in spoken words and by the very life one lives. That in Christ there is unlimited freedom to express of God’s love and mercy. This, the author hopes the song book will convey to the reader.